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Advertise your web site online and off-line:
- It is very important to motivate people to visit your web site where they can get far more information than can be delivered by any standard media advertising.
- Market your web site all over the place, and never limit your marketing to the only one media or the one you're using right now. Just remember, anything worth promoting is worth cross promoting. Your potential as well as regular customers pay attention to a lot of media so you can't just depend on a mere one medium to motivate a purchase.
- Market your marketing, build a good name, introduce your concept, remind people of it, say it again, then repeat it in different words somewhere else. Keep in mind that people trust names they've heard of much more than strange and new names. If you are realistic, you will know that people miss most marketing messages, often intentionally.

Motivate an easy-to-take-action:
- Always try to motivate your web site visitors to do something. Tell them to request more information, fill in a coupon, make a phone call, come in for a free demonstration, say the words, "Bookmark This Web Site For Future Use" or anything else you may think off to make your marketing work. Just remember, you must communicate clearly and tell people exactly what you want them to do. CLICK HERE for more.

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Romwell is a client focused, results-driven web design and hosting business located in Brantford, Ontario. We perform custom web site design and hosting packages with a balance of creative style, designed to your specific needs with a site maintenance and web promotion.

Our service commitment doesn't just stop when you sign up. When you choose Romwell Web Design & Hosting services, you are teaming up with a partner who understands your web needs and is committed to providing you with the best in terms of quality as the online business evolves.

We can register and host domain name of your choice and set up a virtual server with a personal mail box and e-mail address.
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Our goal is to make your web experience as enjoyable and exciting as possible, all while helping you promote your business and its products or services.

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For serious companies that plan to expand their market, updated online presence is absolutely mission-critical. Most people will check out your web site before initiating contact, making it more important than those glossy brochures or polished sales pitches.

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