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Web Marketing

It is very important to motivate people to visit your web site where they can get far more information than can be delivered by any standard media advertising.

Market your web site all over the place, and never limit your marketing to the only one media or the one you're using right now. Just remember, anything worth promoting is worth cross-promoting. Your potential as well as regular customers pay attention to a lot of media so you can't just depend on a mere one medium to motivate a purchase. Market your marketing, build a good name, introduce your concept, remind people of it, say it again, then repeat it in different words somewhere else. Keep in mind that people trust names they've heard of much more than strange and new names. If you are realistic, you will know that people miss most marketing messages, often intentionally.

Make your web site more interactive!

The easiest thing you can do to make your web site more interactive is to run a simple newsletter on your web site. Newsletters could be used to provide a product information, company news, company specials or any changes to the web site.

You could also have online coupons, sales or contests designed for your Internet clientele and change them often. This gives your customers a real cash value on returning to your site and provides one more reason for your customers to spread word of your site to their family and friends. This approach relaxes the customer, gives them a reason to come back, remember the company, and differentiates your site from those of the competition.

Motivate an easy-to-take-action:

Always try to motivate your web site visitors to do something. Tell them to request more information, fill in a coupon, make a phone call, come in for a free demonstration, say the words, "Bookmark This Web Site For Future Use" or anything else you may think off to make your marketing work. Just remember, you must communicate clearly and tell people exactly what you want them to do.

Make first steps toward permission marketing campaign:

Your web site should become the first step in a permission marketing campaign. It should invite dialogue and interactivity with prospects and customers by directing people to do something, by offering coupons or free brochures, by generating the kind of action that leads to permission to receive marketing messages. Once people grant you that permission, which they may do at your web site or by simply calling to request more information, your news letter or brochure, that is the time when serious marketing attempts to close the sale.

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