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Our service commitment doesn't just stop when you sign up. When you choose Romwell Web Design & Hosting services, you are teaming up with a partner who understands your web needs and is committed to providing you with the best in terms of quality as the online business evolves.

We can register and host domain name of your choice and set up a virtual server with a personal mail box and e-mail address.

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We perform custom web site design and hosting packages with a balance of creative style, designed to your specific needs with a site maintenance and web promotion.

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- Create a responsive website, with automatically resized content that adapts to the browser size rather than developing a site for each device.
- Use reliable, and trustworthy hosting service on secure hosting platform to keep your website operation running continuously and your web pages download quickly.

- Organize website elements respecting visual hierarchy so your visitors will gravitate toward the most important elements first.
- Don't use too many colors in your design (a maximum of five is recommended).
- Choose legible typography with maximum of three different typefaces in a maximum of three different sizes.
- Give breathing space to your content and limit the use of graphics.
- Make sure your images are the right size and related to your content.

- Have the main navigation at the top (or left side) of a web page.
- Have links change color/appearance when you hover over them.
- Keep navigation consistent with labels and location remnaining the same on each and every page of your website.
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