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Your Logo

Before you order new website, make sure you have your logo, or idea for it, ready. Your logo is essential because the colors, font, and style of your logo will affect the design of your website. This is because all smart designed web sites have a consistent theme between their logo and web pages.

If your already have a logo that you are using in the off-line world, then have the digital file or high resolution image ready, so we can use it for your website.

Logo is graphic display of your company's unique identity and branding of your business. Logo is also extremely important part of your business advertising and all other marketing materials, so consider carefully what you want your logo to say about your business.

As an effective branding tool, your logo should be memorable, recognizable, cost effective, adaptable, easy to read and comprehend, and unique enough to avoid confusion with other logos. Logo should also stand the test of time because it is the best to have a logo that will stay with you as your business grows.

If you do not have a logo already, or want to upgrade from your existing design, then it is time to order or create one.

Logo is the "face" of your business and important part of your company's unique identity.

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Website Basics

Here are basic essentials that every business website should have for it to effectively help you do your business:

Domain name (preferably, net or org domain) without dashes and numbers. Your domain name is like your brand and it is good practice to avoid weird extensions and hard to remember names. If your name is not available, try to come up with a unique domain name that reflects your business and future website. Have more than one option available. If you run out of ideas, we can help, check our domain registration service.

Reliable, trustworthy hosting service on secure hosting platform is imperative to keep your website operation running continuously. Check out our hosting service.

A simple, responsible web design that is friendly to all online users with a quality content, visible site navigation links to the most important pages for guiding your website visitors.

Easy-to-find contact information to help visitors to find it fast. Your contact information should include several ways for users to contact you (phone, mobile, address, e-mail, link to your location in Google maps, and a standard contact form are good options). The point is to let users to communicate with you on their terms, choosing their way of communication.